What is SmartLipo? Milwaukee


SmartLipo is one of the most affordable and sought-after cosmetic procedures to quickly and safely remove fat deposits below the skin.

Only a highly-skilled, trained physician should perform this cosmetic surgery procedure.

Smart lipo is an outpatient procedure performed in as little as two hours using tumescent anesthesia

The doctor starts by injecting a solution to numb the treatment area.

The cosmetic surgeon then inserts a sucking syringe called a cannula.

The cannula has a powerful variable wavelength laser beam used to liquefy and extract fat from the targeted areas.

SmartLipo cosmetic surgery promotes the growth of new collagen after the fat cell removal procedure to produce better final results.

SmartLipo is a preferred method to do some skin tightening procedures around many body parts.

SmartLipo – female patient (29 years) – before (left) – 3 months post op (right)

Why should you choose Smart Lipo over traditional liposuction?

Traditional liposuction used to be a sizably invasive procedure using a large cannula with powerful suction. To minimize discomfort, it usually required general anesthesia and expensive hospitalization.

SmartLipo uses advances in technology. With new generation local anesthetics, blood vessel constrictors, and variable-length laser wands, your plastic surgeon performs the surgery quicker, safer with longer-lasting results.

In the same procedure, a cosmetic or plastic surgeon can also do body sculpting, body contour in different body areas. Thus, the name SmartLipo.

Laser Lipolysis works by inserting an advanced microcannula through a small incision below the skin to access fat deposits. The precise instrument is less damaging to the surrounding tissue as it can easily access fat pearls and allows for a shortened recovery time.

The cannula serves two purposes: 1) it liquefies the fat deposit by heat produced by laser energy 2) it acts as an extraction point for the fat removal.

The smart Lipo laser fiber helps to seal off blood vessels, decreasing bleeding, bruising, and post-operative swelling.

Following surgery, the laser-treated area will produce new collagen while eliminating the dead body cells. The new collagen causes the skin to appear tighter and reduces dimpling.


What body fat areas can benefit from a SmartLipo Procedure?

  • Abdomen (stomach and tummy)
  • Ankles
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Buttocks
  • Breast reduction
  • Calf
  • Cankles
  • Chin
  • Double Chin
  • FUPA
  • Flanks (Love Handles)
  • Gynecomastia (Man Boobs and Male Breast)
  • Upper Arms

SmartLipo – Lase

Who is a good candidate for a Smart lipo procedure?

  • Healthy adults can remove excess fat through SmartLipo.
  • Women after pregnancy looking for a tummy tuck, mommy makeovers, and other smart lipo contouring procedures
  • Good candidates are people who unsuccessfully have tried targeted exercise and dieting
  • Men and women who want body contouring procedures including lipo 360 and BBL
  • Patients who have a BMI of 30 or less

How do I prepare for laser liposuction surgery?

In the days before your procedure:

  • Avoid Aspirin, blood thinners for at least a week, along with anti-inflammatory drugs and NSAIDs as well.
  • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol in the weeks before your surgery.
  • Get your prescriptions filled beforehand for convenience after surgery.
  • Prepare the baggy, comfortable outfits you will wear after the procedure.
  • Organize transport to and from the clinic

What can I expect from Smart Lipo?

SmartLipo is usually performed in as little as two hours per area and only one visit. The downtime is minimal. Patients can return to work the next day, while others require an extra day.

Some of the side effects are numbness and swelling for the first day or so. They disappear rapidly

Normal activities can be resumed in about a week.

Avoid any major workout to the treated area for at least three weeks.

It is advisable to wear a compression garment covering the body area that has just been treated. This garment will allow the contouring procedure to maximize your results while reducing swelling.

The tiny incisions will heal and disappear over time.

A healthy diet consisting of low-fat protein, fresh fruits, and vegetables is essential for a fast and successful recovery.

The orange peel look of cellulite may diminish with the production of the new collagen and associated skin tightening.

The long-lasting results of your SmartLipo will be gradual over the first year.

The body will continue to eliminate the dead fat cells from the treatment area.

If you regain fat, it usually stores itself in other parts first before returning to the treated areas.

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