Liposuction vs Tummy Tuck


Liposuction vs Tummy Tuck – The abdomen remains one of the most problematic areas to tone. A toned stomach brings about some fantastic balance to the rest of your body, with the contours greatly enhancing your look. However, fat tends to accumulate in this region quite often regardless of gender. The other fat imbalances your physique and considerably limits your choice of clothing. With the extra padding, you are no longer in a position to wear those beautiful, close-fitting tops. This situation sees you unwillingly walk past clothes you want to wear. The accumulation of fat in this inconvenient region affects your looks to a reasonable extent.

Hoe Does the Extra Fat Accumulate?

Women in particular experience a real challenge dealing with additional fat in the stomach area. In many situations, age plays a critical role. As the years go by, your skin loses its elasticity, bringing about saggy skin. This effect escalates due to the impact of having children or unhealthy eating habits. Each time you gain and lose weight, some extra skin remains, possibly along with some stretch marks. With age, it becomes more and more difficult to regain that youthful, contoured look you desire.

In men, genetic predisposition almost always sends all extra fat to the abdomen, leaving you with a chubby look. For many individuals, an inactive lifestyle involving minimal or no exercise, along with unhealthy eating habits remain the main reasons of flab in the midsection. The principal causes of this accumulation remain red meat, processed sugars, and alcohol consumption. Men generally work hard to stay fit, but sometimes, the results never materialize. There is a notable change in one’s physique owing to exercise and a reasonably healthy diet, but in many cases, pockets of fat tend to persist in this area.

Enter Cosmetic Procedures

There are many situations where good food augmented with a regular workout routine don’t suffice. For women, in particular, having children leaves its mark. The typical outcome is a saggy bit of loose skin. As you age, the skin progressively produces less collagen, restricting its ability to recover from weight changes. The conventional approach involves eating right and exercising, and this avenue remains ineffective. With a limited amount of collagen, your skin is unable to restore its youthful, wrinkle-free look. In such a scenario, a cosmetic procedure remains your only option.

In men, age has its effects as well, and working out remains a tough proposition as with time your energy levels dip, and you are unable to take part in regular exercise due to the fatigue and soreness that ensues. In some select scenarios, you may have sustained a sport or work injury that periodically makes it impossible to take part in exerting activity, restricting the levels of stress your limbs can take. In such situations, you will consider having a procedure to adjust your look then subsequently adopt a healthy lifestyle with a reasonable amount of exercise to maintain your new form.

Liposuction and tummy tucks remain the leading options for individuals in need of a fix regarding dealing with unwanted abdominal fat. These procedures both strive to bring out your contours and achieve a visible definition of the underlying muscles. However, each surgery remains distinctly different, and the applications for both procedures vary depending on the patient’s age and unique case. A consultation with one of our doctors here in Milwaukee assesses your suitability of each process, keeping your personal preference in consideration. To better understand your best option, you first have to know how the two approaches work.

Understand the Liposuction Procedure

At the Milwaukee Liposuction, we use the latest, state-of-the-art equipment in facilitating the realization of that dream look for you in the safest way possible. The doctor starts by administering local anesthesia, bringing about numbness and ensuring that you remain comfortable during the procedure. The process begins with the careful mapping of the treatment area, indicating the region and spots where the incisions will go. After that, the surgeon inserts a micro-cannula through these minuscule openings, going just under the skin to your subcutaneous layer. These steps aid the liquefaction of fat under the surface for easy suctioning.

The doctor proceeds to suction the liquefied fat, leaving a reasonable amount for the desired contouring. The removal of fat visibly reduces the protrusion and helps the underlying muscle stand out.

Liposuction vs Tummy Tuck

Recovery between Liposuction vs Tummy Tuck

Once the doctor successfully suctions the unwanted fat, we provide a compression garment to keep the area covered. This protective dressing should remain on for the two weeks after the procedure, or as long as the doctor recommends. You shall be in a position to resume lighter duties about two days after the operation, but sufficient rest remains crucial during the healing process. You may return to heavier activity after the two weeks, or upon the advisory of your physician.

Tummy Tuck

This simplified procedure remains the most effective surgery in getting rid of loose skin in the abdomen. Age reduces collagen production, and your skin loses its natural elasticity. Coupled with childbirth, many women contend with the possibility of dealing with some extra, unwanted, sagging skin. In such a scenario, the excess skin persists regardless of whether you exercise, watch what you eat, or both. A tummy tuck procedure is your way out as you endeavor to win back that contoured look.

The operation produces the best results in individuals who are in relatively good health but want to lose that extra cover. For prolonged effects, it is advisable that you see the surgeon after your last pregnancy to avoid a recurrence after the operation.

Tummy tucks begin with the doctor making an arc-shaped cut from one hipbone to the other. The navel goes free with a second cut. The doctor then pulls back the flap of skin to expose the underlying muscle. Your physician will then tighten the muscles and stitch them in place for a firmer, more defined form after sewing the cut

Post-Op Recovery of Liposuction vs Tummy Tuck

Due to the nature of this procedure, you will need comparatively more time for proper recovery as compared to that required after liposuction. Many individuals harbor concerns about the persistence of marks after the significant part to the lower abdomen during surgery. This surgery will leave its mark. However, we have some of the best and most experienced doctors in Milwaukee, and they position the cut so low that it remains undetectable even when you don a bikini. Over time, the scar from the wound significantly fades but remains visible on close observation. However, our doctors position the line in a way that regular clothing keeps it effectively concealed.

The Key Differences Between Liposuction vs Tummy Tuck

There are some differences between the two procedures:

  1. Liposuctions are straightforward, minimally-invasive operations that involve local anesthesia and the use of minuscule incisions to suction liquefied fat. Laser technology plays a critical role in this process. Tummy tucks, on the other hand, prove a more useful measure in achieving that toned abdomen through the surgical removal of loose skin and the tightening of underlying muscles. The procedure is more intense in tucks owing to the necessity of surgery through the extended cut in your lower abdomen.
  2. Liposuctions remain the procedure of choice for younger individuals, with the regular production aiding better skin elasticity and defined contouring after the extraction of unwanted fat. Tummy tucks are better suited to older individuals seeking a lasting solution to the loose skin in the abdomen. In persons over the age of forty, the extra skin from pregnancies and weight changes are likely to remain unresponsive to liposuction, and at this point, the ultimate solution is the tummy tuck.
  3. Due to the nature of the two procedures, the costs involved vary as well. Abdominal liposuction will set you back anywhere between $4,000 and $8,000, with an average price of $6,000. Tummy tucks cost between $6,000 and $10,000, with an average cost of about $8,000.
  4. Liposuctions are simple procedures and are less exerting on your body, enabling the resumption of light duties in two days after the operation. The more exerting responsibilities may resume in a couple of weeks after seeing your doctor. Tummy tucks take longer to recover, with a necessary two to three weeks of light work during the initial recovery phase. Heavier tasks should not form part of your schedule for about two to three months.

These two procedures produce incredible results, but manifest distinct differences.

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