Leg Liposuction Milwaukee

Legs play such an essential part of what we consider beauty culture. Well defined legs that taper nicely from the knee down to the delicate ankle are deemed desirable. As we age, our metabolism slows down, and we start to retain unsightly fat deposits. The thigh gap disappears. We have unwanted fat on our outer thighs (saddlebags).

You have tried a diet plan and exercise, but nothing seems to work on removing excess fat. Tumescent liposuction may be the solution. At Milwaukee Liposuction, we specialize in sculpting beautiful legs for our patients.

What is tumescent liposuction?

It is the removal of fat by the suction of fat cells below the skin.

Leg liposuction procedures are always done with a local anesthetic in our office.

There is no need for general anesthesia, and it is performed in less than two hours

You receive oral sedation to help you relax. You are kept awake during the whole operation. You can communicate with the doctor.

The doctor starts by performing small incisions called adits. Depending on the area of the liposuction, the number will vary. The doctor will insert a cannula (microtube). The small cannula will help inject a lidocaine, epinephrine, and sodium bicarbonate solution in the areas to be treated.

This solution numbs the lipo site and reduces bleeding. It makes the job of the surgeon easier and minimizes bruising.

Different liposuction techniques are used for optimal results. They have marketing names like Vaser, Smartlipo, and Water Lipo. They all have this in common. They remove unwanted fat.

Variable frequency laser can be used to remove stubborn fat as well as cauterize the site. Water and ultrasound can reduce marbling effects.

The most notable difference is what happens after the removal of fat cells. This is called body sculpting. This is where the skill and experience of the surgeon will truly shine.

As the cannula removes the fat cells, the doctor will massage the area so that the remaining tissue in your upper legs takes a nice curve. Body contouring is an art.

You are then fitted with a compression garment that will keep the curves in place for the next few weeks.

In lower leg liposuction, which includes the knee, the calf, and the ankle, the surgeon will perform contouring procedures to give you nice lines and show your once hidden muscles. Cankle liposuction can also be performed to remove excess fat.

Large amounts of fat may require more than one visit.

Body Areas that can benefit from leg lipo

  •       Anterior Thighs
  •       Outer thighs
  •       Inner thighs (thigh gap)
  •       Knee
  •       Outer knee
  •       Calf
  •       Cankle (thick ankles)
  •       Ankle

Patients take advantage of their visit to do several body areas at the same time. This offers significant discounts while producing better results. The limit is dictated by the amount of lidocaine your body can safely absorb and the amount of fat to be removed.

A treatment plan can be developed during your initial consultations. Depending on the different areas of the body, the surgeon can suggest how he can sculpt the inner knee and the inner thigh. These problem areas require experienced hands to give satisfactory results. We can demonstrate our plastic surgery expertise with an extensive photo portfolio of successful surgeries.

Are you ready for Leg Liposuction?

Are you contemplating a Beach holiday soon? Leg liposuction is a significant undertaking. It is best to plan ahead. Some liposuction procedures can take three to six months to show their optimal results.

To be ready for leg lipo, here are a few tips to make the procedure worth it:

  •       You must be close to your ideal weight (BMI below 30)
  •       Be in good health (not be using blood-thinning drugs)
  •      Have sufficient skin elasticity in the treatment area
  •       Ready to follow all recommendations from your surgeon pre-and post-op.
  •       Understand that liposuction is not a long-term solution to a proper diet and exercise regimen
  •       Thigh Liposuction is not going to remove cellulite or replace a monitored weight loss program.

A Good candidate ends up satisfied with the results if he/she meets the six requirements stated above.

Recovery after leg liposuction

Recovery differs from one individual to another. Some patients recover rapidly, while others need a bit more downtime. Obviously, the first thing that will happen is the anesthetic will start to wear off gradually. As the numbness dissipates, it can be accompanied by light to medium pain. You need to remember you had fat tissue removed. It is tissue trauma. It is normal to feel some discomfort and swelling.  Your doctor will prescribe some pain medication for the first few days.

You must wear your compression garment at all times during your recovery period. The outfit will keep your legs from swelling. It also allows new collagen production to fill out the surgery’s common areas and give you a beautiful figure.

You will need to follow a proper diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid fat laced animal protein. This will allow for a quicker recovery and new collagen production. This is the best way to have your skin look youthful and taught.

Water is the key to life. It is definitely important to stay hydrated after surgery. Drinking up to eight glasses a day is essential. It helps your system rid itself of dead tissues and toxins after your fat removal procedure.

As you should know, smoking and alcohol are always counter-indicated, especially during your recovery period. Otherwise, it will definitely lengthen your downtime. In many cases, tobacco’s constricting effects can reduce new blood vessels’ production and leave the treated area uneven. Alcohol can have a different impact by bloating the site and losing the sculpted effect.

Within a week, the swelling will have come down. You can resume normal activities that include walking for short distances.

It is recommended to avoid sitting or lying for extended periods. You should move around at regular intervals.

Avoid baths, using hydrogen peroxide, cold/hot packs during your recovery. Sponge baths are sound. Keep the incision sites clean with soap and water.

If the rare instance that the surgery site becomes red or starts seeping a smelly liquid, contact the clinic immediately as the site may have become infected. This can easily be treated with antibiotics.

Once your incision points have entirely closed, you can resume your normal activities.

As with all surgery procedures, returning to the gym after lipo treatment requires patience. Your body will tell you when the time is right and do stop immediately at the first feeling of pain.

Cost of leg liposuction

Leg Lipo is a vast subject. It is best to discuss available procedures during your free consultation.

The basic rule of thumb is that an initial site surgery is $4,500. The price will vary as you decide to have additional work done. There is a substantial discount for the second surgery site. The limit of body areas in one visit is based on safety levels of lidocaine your body can absorb.

At Milwaukee Liposuction, your safety and satisfaction are our primary concerns.

The price we quote you include:

  •       Pre-op tests
  •       Facility fee
  •       Surgeon and assistants’ fees
  •       Supplies and medications in the surgery room
  •       Compression garment
  •       Follow-up review

Pain medication will be prescribed and at your cost. It is up to you to have the prescription filled and use as directed.