Awake BBL

Are you unhappy with the shape of your buttocks? Do you feel like your backside looks small, flat, or asymmetrical? A Brazilian Butt Lift can help drastically improve the shape, size, and lift of your behind.

Now, patients can reach their aesthetic goals without having to undergo general anesthesia. Our experienced cosmetic surgeons at Milwaukee Liposuction Specialty Clinic specialize in Awake Brazilian Butt Lifts, meaning you can get the results you desire while you remain safely awake and comfortable. 

About Awake BBL /  Brazilian butt lift surgery

Traditional BBL surgery uses a combination of liposuction and fat-grafting to add volume, define curves, and lift your derriere. With awake BBL, you can achieve a rounder, raised, and fuller bottom just like a traditional BBL without the side effects and dangers of general anesthesia. The surgery is performed while under local anesthesia, meaning you’ll be fully conscious and awake but won’t without much discomfort.

Awake Brazilian Butt Lifts significantly reduces the risks of a traditional BBL performed by a plastic surgeon under full anesthesia. Being awake helps eliminate the adverse side effects that often follow being put under while helping reduce the recovery time. At Milwaukee Liposuction Specialty Clinic, our doctors meticulously transfer unwanted fat from other areas of the body to your buttocks to add the definition and curves you desire.

The procedure is performed in two steps: Fat Collection & Fat Transfer.

The Procedure

The first step is fat removal using liposuction from the  treated area. Patients are given local anesthesia before the procedure. You’ll be 100% comfortable, safe, and virualy pain-free. Brazilian Butt Lifts utilize your own fat that’s taken from the treated areas of the body. Excess fat is often collected from the stomach, thighs, hips, love handles, or back. The doctor gathers body fat by making a few minor incisions in the target areas and using a cannula (the liposuction tube) to extract fat cells gently. You will have tiny sutures to close the opening where the doctor performed liposuction. This step isn’t just for collecting fat. During your awake liposuction, the doctor, a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, will slim, sculpt, smooth, and contour the treatment areas. For most patients, the waistline reduction makes the final augmentations of the contours in your buttocks even more pronounced.

The second step is transferring your own fat into your behind to add the definition and curves you crave. Here’s how it works. Once the body fat is collected during the lipo procedure, the fat is sterilized and kept in a purified environment before returning it to your body. Because this procedure is done using your own body fat, there’s no risk of rejection like in silicon augmentations. Once the fat is ready for transfer, the doctor will re-inject your purified fat into the appropriate areas of your buttocks. You’ll be left with a fuller, rounder, and more lifted bottom!

Benefits of Local Anesthesia

Awake liposuction is often performed with local anesthesia and sedation to reduce nerves and stress levels.

  •     Light sedation won’t make you feel dizzy, disoriented, or weak
  •     No risk of anesthesia complications
  •     No breathing tube
  •     Reduces costs (no anesthesia fees)
  •     No long-lasting nausea
  •     Don’t have to put your life on pause
  •     No harsh recovery period
  •     No anesthesia-related constipation

Am I a Candidate?

If you’re unhappy with the look, size, or shape of your rear, you may be able to achieve your body-contouring goals with an Awake Brazilian Butt Lift. Ideal candidates will be in good overall general health and at a stable weight. Smokers should stop smoking at least two weeks before surgery. Most patients don’t need to gain weight before a BBL. You should be at or close to your target weight before undergoing BBL to achieve the best results. Even fit, or slim-bodied people store fat in some areas of the body. It’s usually a misconception that patients need to gain weight for a BBL.

During your initial consultation with your doctor at Milwaukee Liposuction Specialty Clinic, you’ll leave with a concrete answer as to whether or not you’re a candidate and if an Awake BBL will give you the results you want. 


Every procedure is different. Our experienced cosmetic surgeons will custom-tailor your surgery to help give you the body of your dreams! We’d love to have you in for an initial consultation. You can use this time to ask any questions you may have, talk about your desired outcomes, and determine if BBL is right for you. The doctor will explain the procedure in detail while taking the time to understand your medical history, health profile, and lifestyle.

You may schedule your Awake Brazilian Butt Lift immediately following your consultation if the doctor gives you the green light. Our staff will work with you to choose a surgery date that best fits your timeline. 

Recovery from Awake BBL

You should love what you see when you look in the mirror. After you recover from your surgery, you’ll have the confidence to show off your new contoured figure. Like any other plastic surgery procedure, there will be somewhat of a recovery time. However, recovering from an Awake Brazilian Butt Lift is generally easy. Awake BBL is an outpatient surgery, meaning you’ll return home the same day. You won’t feel groggy or drowsy as you would with full anesthesia; however, driving is prohibited following your procedure. A friend or family member can pick you up from our Milwaukee office shortly after the surgery is complete. After your surgery, you’ll be given compression garments that you must wear 24/7 for the following days. It’s important to rest as much as possible to help your body recover faster.

Most Awake BBL patients can return to work within five to seven days after the procedure. Please keep in mind you will feel soreness in your bottom and the liposuction sites. Bruising, swelling, and tenderness are completely normal and should subside within a few days. Your doctor may prescribe prescription pain medication to ensure you stay comfortable throughout the recovery period. Usually, Awake BBL patients can resume regular exercise within six to eight weeks.


  1. Can I sit down after my BBL?

You can sit for brief periods immediately following your procedure. Don’t sit for too long in any one position. We suggest buying a soft pillow to keep your derriere comfortable during your recovery time.

  1. When can I take a shower?

You may shower the day after your surgery.

  1. Are lymphatic massages necessary?

Lymphatic massages can aid during your recovery. We don’t suggest massaging the buttocks; however, we invite our patients back to receive a lymphatic massage in their liposuctioned areas. Expect to have around five to ten rounds of massages.

  1. What results can I expect?

Awake Brazilian Butt Lifts help give you a more natural-looking fuller bottom. By sculpting the body using lipo and fat transfers, you’ll achieve the look of a more voluminous behind. We specialize in natural results here – your new butt will look and feel like you were born with it!

  1. Can the fat die off?

We use a state-of-the-art BBL surgery technique to help ensure our patients get their desired outcomes. We typically get 60-70% survival rates of our transferred fat. The body will naturally reabsorb some of the transferred fat. Don’t worry; our cosmetic surgeons know how to work with your body shape to get the results you want.